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B & B is your choice for brush and tree thinning, ground work, landscape,

and new site preparation

(931) 260-2529 Cookeville ,TN. Land clearing, ground work, landscape

It takes a lot to arrive on the Job site

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Ground SHARK Attack!

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Watch out for Bear's...! Video

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Check out this great video

Experience combined with modern Cost Effective Equipment offers our customers Better Value.

Mulch Maker

Reclaim your lost acreage quickly and affordably with less gound impact

Overgrown and lost property

Clearing fence rows,pastures,building sites,or thinning fields of overgrown trees and vegetation.

Our Modern Equipment allows small and large area clean up with forest clearing, ground work, landscaping, and Modern Home Site Preparation

Re-Claim your ground !

Your most cost effective and environmentally friendly option.

Today's high paced daily life demands the need for a more cost effective and timely reclaiming of the productivity lost on our farm lands, homes, and businesses thru brush, tree, weed, and forestry overgrowth. 

 B & B Ground Works    

offers you a cost effective and timely reclaiming of your property.

Promoting less ground disturbance and more productivity per dollar. 

Today's answer to today's forestry problems.


Site Preparation & New Construction Readiness

Forestry head allows precision cutting with mulch instead of piles of dirt-trees-and debris.


Many of our customers are needing land cleared for their manufactured homes requiring site preparation with as little ground disturbance as possible. Our equipment is perfect for the job with less ground impact and just the right amount of clearing to get the job done.

Spring has Sprung

It's that time of year - TIME to address your fence rows, your building sites, your gravel driveways, and your property with overgrown brush, trees, and scrubs. Your property needs cleaning up! - We are here to HELP.

Customer testimonials

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Spring Clearing/thinning Promotes Better Land Health

Now's the time to schedule your fence row clearing and land cleanup before the summer growth overtakes your land. 

B & B has some Big News !

We have just updated several pieces of our equipment offering better service, higher working capacities, more EPA efficiencies, and better cost effectiveness for our customers.

A few of our FAQs

When customers have questions, we have answers!

Get into Spring!

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Forestry Machine Attacking Brush and Trees!

Check out this great video

Building 4 Wheeler trails Video

Check out this great video of a customers large acreage tract with a New 4 wheeler trail to the creek.